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Drain Cleaning

Complete Drain Cleaning Services

When your property's sewer drain is blocked or damaged, you might have to face costly repairs or even replacement of your sewer pipes. To avoid that, turn to the professional plumbers at Blue Duck Plumbing for regular drain cleaning services and keep your sewer line working properly.
We use General Pipe Cleaning and Rigid Drain Cleaning equipment for optimum results. If your sewer line needs to be replaced, we can do that too. We have a HammerHead PB30 for replacing 3- and 4-inch sewer lines using only two access points. Learn about our WARRANTIES. Call to hire us today!

Answers to Your Drain Cleaning Questions

Q. How do I prevent kitchen sink clogs?

A. 1. Strictly avoid dumping or dropping grease, soups, or foods down your sink drain. These get stuck to the drain walls and impede the flow.
2. Maintain a clog-free drain by using a grease-eating enzyme to clear the drains. Talk to our plumber for more information.

Q. How do I prevent my main drain from getting clogged with roots every year?

A. 1. During the spring, add root poison to your main sewer line. Talk to our expert plumbers regarding the details.
2. If the line has been damaged, it may need to be replaced.

Q. How do I clear hair from my bathtub and sink drains?

A. Hair clogs are common in bathrooms. If the hair is before the P-trap, use a zip-strip or a pick to remove the hair. To gain access to the clog that is before the P-trap, remove the tub stopper mechanism, or the sink pop-up.

If the clog is after the P-trap, you need to give us a call.
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